I have known Lesley through my criminal law practice for approximately 15 years.
I have on many occasions referred clients to Lesley to determine the appropriateness of applying for a mandated treatment order before the Court. Lesley has always made herself available to meet with my clients. She does not restrict herself to standard office hours which allows my clients to limit time away from work. Lesley has also been able to complete an assessment and provide a report at short notice when the need arises.
Lesley has a remarkable ability to engage and interact with a client, gaining their trust and confidence during the assessment process. Her professionalism, attention to detail and strong commitment to seeking a positive outcome for my clients has always been evident in the reports provided. Lesley’s willingness to critically explore any additional and relevant information to support my client is evident in her reports.
The reports are well received by the Judicial Officer. There have been many occasions where a Judicial Officer has complimented Lesley’s report, thereby stating that the report provides great assistance in the determination of the matter at hand.
I highly recommend Lesley’s services to anyone who requires a forensic mental health assessment.

Jason Curtis Barrister at Law
NSW Bar Association

Whilst working in my criminal law practice, I have referred clients to Lesley for the past 10-years. There have been many instances where I have referred clients to Lesley for clarification of psychiatric diagnosis and when indicated, the development of community based treatment options.
Lesley's interaction with my clients and comprehensive reports have always been of an exceptionally high standard and extremely well received by Magistrates and Judges. She has always been attentive to the needs of my clients and professional in her manner. Lesley has met with my clients at times that are convenient to them and doesn't restrict herself to normal office hours. Lesley has also been able to complete an assessment and provide a comprehensive report at short notice when the need arises and her interaction with my clients has always been thorough and detailed.
I have no hesitation in recommending anyone who needs a forensic mental health assessment to consider using Lesley's services.

Garry Johnston Criminal Lawyer
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